Welcome, to the
House of Creativity
A space for creativity to break free. Where every artistic approach finds a home.

The House of Creativity is a project born out of a passion for creative excellence. Its creators - Luv Sinha, and Kush Sinha – come from a family synonymous with art, culture, and innovation. Three distinct, dynamic, and fiercely individualistic styles come together to form this unique collective. Ultimately, a love for the arts is the roof above this reflective, lively house.

Every form of visual expression has an important place in The House of Creativity. This is a home of multiple art forms, housing everything from pieces inspired by nature that take you back to the basics, to photographs that capture and immortalize fleeting moments.

At the heart of this endeavour is a commitment to the Indian artistic community. To that end, The House of Creativity keeps its doors open for artists from all over the country, giving homegrown talent an opportunity to showcase their work on a global platform.

Once again, welcome to The House of Creativity. We are delighted to have you here.

Featured Artists
Luv S Sinha
Kussh Sinha
Why House of Creativity?

Take home a unique piece of art, sourced directly from the artists and personally reviewed and verified by the founders.


The House of Creativity is driven by artists who truly believe in the power of all things visual. Become an owner of exclusive artwork made by passionate, talented creators with a unique understanding of creative expression.


Pick and choose from a range of diverse and dynamic artistic styles - all under one roof. Brighten up your office or add a touch of colour to your home with prints and paintings from upcoming as well as established artists across India.