What can I expect at House of Creativity?

At the House of Creativity, you will discover a world of talented artists offering vibrant artwork to add colour to your space. Our expert team of curators have carefully selected every piece, and we offer a variety of mediums to cater to your artistic preferences. We offer artwork across various price points, and can guarantee the quality of every piece available on our website.

We are a primary art platform. This means you are directly investing in an artist's career with every piece you purchase. In other words, your contribution is inspiring a new generation of creatives.


How do I buy the artwork?

You can create wish lists for your favourite pieces and stay up-to-date on the latest news at HoC. You can also sign up for our newsletters for more information on the latest exhibitions and events.

We are happy to help with any other queries or concerns you may have. The best way to contact us directly is via email/phone.

Can I buy artwork offline?

When exhibitions are held by HOC, there will be an opportunity to buy HOC Artwork. Customers will be notified about these on the website, Instagram and Facebook.

Who will issue the authenticity artwork?

Here at HoC, we guarantee that you are receiving an authentic work of art. To this end, we ship every piece along with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist as well as the HoC team.

We ship each artwork with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is signed by the artist and HOC team, to guarantee you are collecting an authentic work of artwork.

The certificate includes all the specifications of the artwork such as title, medium, size, year of production.

Who owns the copyright when the artwork is sold?

The artist always owns the copyright. The image cannot be reproduced or used commercially without consent of the artist.


I have forgotten my password/ How do I reset it?

Click on the user account icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen (on the HoC home page). Enter your email address or username, and click “forgot password.” You will receive a link to reset your password.

How do I modify/update my contact details and delivery address?

Sign into your HoC account by clicking on the user account icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select “addresses” - on the left pane of the screen, and you can now update your information. You can update an existing address using the edit button or add a new one with the “add address” button.

Do I need a HoC account to place an order?

No, you will not need an HoC account. You can place an order and check out as a guest.

What is the View In Room feature?

Our “view in room” feature allows you to see what the artwork will look like in your space. You can use this feature to modify the background and get an idea of what the piece will look like on your wall. To use this feature, go to the artwork detail page, choose the “view in room” option, and select or upload a background colour.

How do I contact technical support?

You can write us an email at [email protected]


Will you frame the artwork on my behalf?

We will not be able to, as HoC does not provide framing services.

What if I do not like the artwork, or if it does not meet my expectations?

Unfortunately, we do not return or exchange any artwork once purchased.

Can I commission an artwork? What is the process?

Presently, we do not provide this feature. In the future, however, we will work on developing it - depending on the feedback we receive. Kindly write to us on [email protected]

Can I order prints in customized sizes?

We do not provide customized sizes. The prints on the website will be available in the sizes mentioned next to the artwork images.


How do I make the payment for the artwork?

You will first receive an email confirming your order.

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Debit Cards: VISA/Mastercard
  • Credit Cards: VISA/Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Net Banking

Please note: GST will be applicable. If you are not in India, you will be responsible for providing and confirming all information with the relevant authorities in your country of delivery.

The order process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your order. Please take the time to read and check your order at each page of the order process.

Can I pay in cash?

We do not accept cash payments.

Can I pay in EMI?

We do not offer options for EMI payments.

Can I use my international credit card to make a purchase?

Yes, we accept international credit and debit cards. If you do not have an India-based card, please ask your bank if your card is enabled for international transactions.

How secure is my credit card/ debit card or bank details when I transact with HoC?

We do not capture or store your card or bank details, so your financial information is secure. Our payments solution provider is PCI DSS level 1 compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and highly secure with fraud prevention mechanisms.


Is it necessary to insure my artwork while purchasing it?

We recommend that you insure your artwork during shipment. We work with the following insurance company: SHYPLITE

What needs to be done if I receive damaged artwork?

If the artwork is damaged at the time of delivery, please alert us at [email protected] or +91 83695 55477.


How will I receive the artwork? /How long will I take to receive the artwork after the order is placed?

Your order will be shipped within 7-10 working days within India unless there are circumstances outside of our control. We will provide you with a tracking number once the artwork has been shipped. If we are unable to deliver on time due to any reason, we will be sure to inform you via email immediately.

In case of international orders, we will send you an email informing you of the estimated delivery time.

We initiate the shipping process as soon as we receive the payment for the artwork in full. You will receive the shipping charges automatically at checkout. We will also present and confirm any additional charges (depending on your delivery address and taxation rules in your area). You are responsible for all shipping costs, which are calculated and levied based on the shipping destination, as well as weight and size of the artwork.

We use the following shipping company: Shyplite

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to all major countries in the world. Domestic: Shyplite.

International: Blue Dart

How is the shipping fee calculated?

Shipping calculation: basis distance, weight & size of artwork in question

How long does it take until my order arrives?

Order arrives: Domestic - within 4 weeks.

International is 3 weeks for dispatching and shipping is variable to your location. (may subject to certain locations)

Can I pick the artwork from your office?

We do not offer pickup services. Shipping options will be available at checkout.


How do I get my artwork featured on the HOC website?

Date of Birth:
Address Line 2:
Email Address:
Mobile Number:
Primary Occupation:
Upload Artwork: Artwork should be smaller than 5MB & 2401 x 2401 px | Maximum of 5 Artworks can be uploaded.

Our curators – along with the shareholders at HOC, will personally review each submission. The team will be in touch with you within a month of submission.

What should be kept in mind while submitting artwork?

While assessing every artist’s work, here are the criteria we keep in mind:

  • A recognizable passion for your art
  • Whether you fit in with the essence of HoC’s brand
  • Whether your artwork fulfills our requirements
  • Your personal drive and motivation to create

If I have a query, how do I get in touch?

If you are a prospective artist looking to sell your work on the HoC platform, please proceed to the Join Us page. We will review your submission and be in touch shortly.

If you have any additional questions, please write to us: [email protected]


For artwork in oil and acrylic on canvas

Do not rest the front or back surface of a stretched canvas on a pointed or sharp object, no matter how small. Please avoid corners of chairs and tables as they will leave a dent that will disfigure your work.

If you must lean the artwork against something, please rest it on the wood of its stretcher bars or the frame. This way, nothing will press against the canvas.

We recommend that you dust your painting regularly. This will prevent a thick layer of dust from building up - which will dry out the paint and potentially cause cracking and peeling. Do not spray anything on the work or attempt to clean it by yourself (apart from using a light dusting brush). Do not use chemicals, cleaning products, water, or damp cloths. Cloth and feather dusters could catch on the artwork, so it is better to use a light brush.

Note: if you expose your oil painting to direct sunlight for long periods, it will cause the colours to fade. Please keep this in mind while choosing a place to hang up your artwork. It is important that you do not expose the painting to extreme heat, cold, or humidity. Do not hang it in direct sunlight. Some lightbulbs can get very hot, so make sure you don’t place the light too close to the painting. Check your panting regularly for pests, mould, or insects. Do not leave your panting in a damp room, and it could cause mould and mildew.

Care Instruction for watercolour artwork:

Watercolours Need to Be Framed

Watercolours are best when you frame them under glass. Watercolours are usually created on paper, which means they will deteriorate very fast if left exposed. Additionally, the paper is never given a water-resistant coating before the artist paints on it (since it could make it difficult to add colours). Most artists avoid adding any protective varnish over their completed work. Which means the paintings are vulnerable to damage from the surroundings.

When exposed to moisture, watercolours get reconstituted. Colours may shift, run, or break.

Use a glass protective panel to keep your art away from dust, moisture, insects, mould, and mildew. While getting your work framed, please ensure that glazed UV-coated Plexiglass is used.

Hang the Painting Away from Light

Watercolour paintings are especially likely to be affected by external factors like light and humidity. Do not hang your painting opposite a window or on a wall where it is exposed to full sunlight. This will cause the colours to fade and the paper to become brittle.

Additionally, the colour pigments in watercolours are sensitive and will fade when exposed to ultraviolet rays. You may also notice that the paper could dry out, turn brittle, bleach out, or take on a yellow hue.

Ensure that you also keep your artwork away from fluorescent light, since its UV concentrations make it as bad as direct sunlight.

No Dramatic Changes in the Environment

Major changes in the environment can also damage the painting. Temperatures in museums and art galleries are set below 20 degrees Celsius, which is why you typically feel colder. Additionally, humidity levels are kept between 50-65%



If possible, please wear clean, white, lint-free cotton gloves that are designed to handle the artwork. Use both your hands and support the back of a print when picking up the photograph. Never attempt to rub the surface of the image with your finger or fingernail, as this might scratch the surface of the print.

Exposure to Elements

Ensure that your print is kept out of direct sunlight. Even the highest quality materials can crack or fade if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. While regular incandescent light bulbs will not present a problem for photographs, , fluorescent lights emit harmful ultraviolet rays.

Hang your print away from areas where airborne grime, dust and pollutants like cigarette smoke can leave a discolouring residue.

Avoid extreme fluctuations in moisture and temperature. Excessive fluctuations between dryness and humidity, or extreme heat and cold can negatively affect the state of your print. Museums keep the temperature generally around 18 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40%. If the humidity is too high, be on the lookout for mold.


When framing your print use a good quality glass specifically designed for protecting fine art and photographic images. We also recommend using an acid-free archival mat to prevent the print and glass from touching.


To prevent accidents, store your print away from anything that might press against the image surface. Some objects may not seem sharp enough to damage the print, but you'd be surprised at what will cause a scratch, a tear, or a rip.

Do not keep prints on top of each other. Separate them with pieces of acid-free paper to avoid damage.

Wrap your print well if you plan to transport it. Be sure to put a piece of acid-free paper over the front to protect the print. Rough handling can damage the print so pack it securely.

Do not cover your print with plastic for long periods of time. If there is humidity in the air, the mold may begin to grow. Cotton, acid-free sheets are the best for keeping dust away.


The print should be dusted with a clean, soft rag, to prevent dust buildup. Never use cleaning products or water as this may permanently damage the print.

Do not blow on your print as you may inadvertently deposit water droplets that can mark your print.


Can I return or exchange my artwork?

HOC does not return or exchange products unless the artwork has been received in a damaged condition by the customer.

If the artwork might have been damaged in transit and received in a damaged condition by the customer:

If you have received the artwork where it seems the package was damaged, we request you to take a picture and video of the package and email it to us on [email protected] and do not open until there is a confirmation from our end. The packaging would have a similar disclaimer affixed in writing on the top; to ensure customers are mindful of the same. Once HOC’s team is notified by the customer, post internal follow ups, if we feel the artwork might not have been damaged, we will inform you to open the package and request you to confirm that the artwork is in good condition.

If the artwork might have been damaged, we would request you to take a picture and video of this and email it to [email protected]. The required team will then communicate with you the next steps, post internal assessment.


The artworks are professionally photographed for quality, colour and detail. However, there may be slight differences in colour resolution as compared to the pictures. We request you to take this into consideration while making your purchase.