The Founders
Luv S Sinha
Kussh Sinha
Anusha Adabala

Anusha Adabala is a self-taught artist with post-graduate degree in Information Technology. She worked for technology companies such as Adobe, Nokia, AOL before completely embracing her artistic journey. Her exposure to numerous cultures, countries she has visited and lived in is a stimulus for her work. As a woman raised in conservative family, Anusha found a powerful voice through art. A little rebellious, she unwaveringly stuck to her favourite subject matter - the charcoal figuratives especially of woman which are often bold, capturing the complexities and intricacies of untold human emotions. She is also deeply fascinated by oceans and explores nature through her mixed media works. To her, oceans seem powerful, magnetic, and mysterious. And her most authentic work of aerial-inspired oceanscapes, where land meets the shorelines are a celebration of her expertise in colours, layers, and textures. She relates the magnificence and mysteries of oceans to human minds. Anusha's work is composed of fluidity and textures to capture the effect and essence of the subject matters. Her style is meticulous and detailed- oriented. She effortlessly moves between Acrylics, mixed media, charcoal and through years of experimentation discovered some uniquely expressive techniques on her own. She immerses in imaginary stories and poetic conversations with every piece she works and presents with.