Delivery Information
Delivering domestically and internationally

We are committed to a speedy and secure delivery of your order to you.

Within India, your order will be shipped within 7-10 working days.* A tracking number will be shared with you upon shipping. Ideally, you should receive your order within 4 weeks from the purchase date depending on your location.

We deliver to all major countries in the world. Our international orders are first duly processed by our team within 3 weeks. After which you will receive an email with all relevant details including the estimated delivery time post-dispatch. Shipping timelines are variable to your location.

*Except in the event of unforeseeable and extenuating circumstances that justify a delay

The delivery process

We value transparency and trust and we want you to have clarity and security after you place your order with us.

In the event of any delays in delivery, be rest assured that our team will proactively inform you of the delay via email along with the tentative timelines for delivery so that you are informed until you secure your order.

Shyplite and Blue Dart are our trusted shipping and delivery partners. The shipping process gets initiated as soon as we receive the payment for the artwork in full. You will be informed of the shipping charges at checkout.

We want to inform our buyers that you are responsible for all shipping costs. These costs are calculated and levied on the basis of the shipping destination, as well as the weight and size of the artwork.

Any additional charges applicable on your order are shared with you and processed only upon your confirmation at checkout. These charges usually depend on your delivery address or taxation rules in your area. Import and Export duties are applicable as per the delivery location.

The House of Creativity has its doors open for artists and art lovers whilst remaining a digital platform. This means that we do not offer physical pickup services. We do however want to make sure we ship and deliver art far and wide!